black and white photo of urban kisses candle company owner and operator


Urban Kisses Candle Co. was created by Andrea Dyson to incorporate her passion for making handmade gifts with her love of scented candles and delightful fragrances. Farm style and rustic are everywhere. She wanted to create something that was different than what is most commonly available. Her goal was to craft a candle for those of us that enjoy something more contemporary; more urban. After many hours of trial and error, she discovered the style she loved and stuck with it. That is how UKCC came to be and she became a supplier of 100% soy candles.

Her Personal Life

Andrea is a wife and mother who loves to create all the things! She’s constantly crafting in one way or another. Sewing, painting, knitting, embroidery, drawing, and digital art, are just a few of the hobbies she loves to do. Living in northern B.C. gives her the opportunity to enjoy nature and the great outdoors when the mood arises. Most times she enjoys being pampered in a hotel with running water and a comfy bed. Her biggest passion though is her family! Life is so much better when she’s sharing it with them.

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